Higher Intelligence Agency


Higher Intelligence Agency (aka HIA) was formed by Bobby Bird in Birmingham in the early 90’s during the halcyon days of HIA’s live electronic music club ‘Oscillate’ in Birmingham, where he & other emerging acts of the time developed live performance for immersive environments, bespoke sound systems & attuned audiences. He was also Oscillate’s resident DJ and technical director.

HIA’s first tracks were released on Beyond Records Ambient Dub compilations, quickly followed by an EP ‘Speedlearn’ Ep & a debut LP ‘Colourform’ in 1993, written and produced by Bird in his attic flat / studio in Moseley, with additional contributions by other members of the Oscillate collective who would drop by. HIA also featured on Warp Records ‘Artificial Intelligence 2’ and a second album, ‘Freefloater’ , was released in 1995.

Then followed a number of collaboration albums: with Biosphere, Polar Sequences & Birmingham Frequencies, with Deep Space Network, and with Pete Namlook, plus ‘Nothing’ under the name System Error, the first release on HIA’s own Headphone label.


HIA Electronics

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